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About Us


MoonLily Wellness was started in 2013 as a byproduct of our journey to live a cleaner, toxin free life. On this journey, we learned about the both long term and short term effects of the harmful additives in commercially available day to day use products. It became extremely important to raise our young family in a safe environment, especially in our home. During this time, a love and passion for nature blossomed, and decided to pursue the most natural act we have as humans… childbirth, as a career path. As a Birth Doula you see the need to help new and young families take their journey to a natural and healthy lifestyle. Focusing on natural products to help women with their pregnancy and birth, postpartum and breastfeeding period, as well as making sure babies stayed as natural as they started. 

Since our beginning, we have learned and expanded, offering a vast line of products that are still centered around natural wellness and self care. To ensure that our products are as high quality and safe as possible, there are many qualifications and certifications that we have acquired and worked on, as well as the continuing education in aromatherapy and herbalism. All of our products are hand made in small batches to ensure product quality. Our products are fair trade, organic and locally sourced whenever possible. They are made by a trained and certified aromatherapist, herbalist, birth worker and natural lifestyle enthusiast. We are a NON-MLM company. We offer customer direct product and sell through select retailers and retail distribution individuals. 

Safety is our #1 priority. We follow all guidelines and safety recommendations as outlined in Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young. It's important that you and your family are practicing aromatherapy in the safest way you can. No matter what you need to use essential oils for, there's a safe alternative to mainstream suggestions. 

As well as believing in a healthy and natural lifestyle, we are also passionate about giving back to our community, and making a difference where ever and whenever we can. We use fair trade ingredients whenever possible.  We work closely with suppliers that work to support real community development in developing countries, and help create sustainable employment and reduce poverty.  Contributing to the women and children in these villages is something we hold dear and are very proud to be able to do.